Q: Can I cover my existing concrete or asphalt w/pavers?
A: Yes, if existing concrete or asphalt is structurally good and elevation works.

Q: Do I need to seal pavers?
A: Not necessary depending on what kind of look you want. Sealer will enhance the color and protect from weather.

Q: What is the maintenance on pavers?
A: Re-sweep small amount of sand in joints every 2-3 years. If sealed re-seal every 3-4 years.

Q: Where can I look at paver pamphlets and sealer?
A: At your local dealer or your contractor can supply.

Q: Can pavers be used for vehicle traffic?
A: Yes, depending on the type of application to be used for. Proper base is needed per manufacture specs. Pavers are used for driveways and streets.

Q: If I have pavers installed in my backyard will my yard be damaged?
A: No, a plywood road is put down over the yard to run equipment on.

Q: Paver cost vs. poured in place decorative concrete?
A: Approximately 25-30% more but it will outlast poured in place concrete. The up front cost will pay for itself in the long run.